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Facebook Ads

Facebook has approximately 2.32 billion users worldwide.

On Instagram, the fastest growing social network today, there are more than 1.2 Billion.

However, organic reach is decreasing within platforms, so good planning and execution of paid campaigns on social media brings more sales, greater reach and greater recognition. Within the objectives of these ads, we can mention:

  • Increase your brand's exposure;
  • Impact your target audience;
  • Attract more people with a specific profile for your business;
  • Capture leads;
  • Generate more sales!

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In every paid media campaign it is essential to understand the objectives and the audience to be reached. For this, our team of specialists studies your business, your competitors and your segment, and thus finds the right audience that we should reach.

This target audience planning and issues to be addressed will be the beacon for our entire campaign within Facebook Ads.

And within the Facebook Ads tool, both Facebook and Instagram are boosted, so the same settings and goals can be used on both social networks.

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We follow a few steps in all our campaigns so that everything comes out as aligned with our client:



Within Facebook Ads we perform the settings within the ads manager and the business manager. We set up how the budget and start and end dates of the campaigns will be used.


Just as important as organizing campaigns is performance tracking. Every change or adjustment is made by our team seeking better results.


Facebook Core Audiences help you select the right recipients for your ad in just a few clicks. With the right setup to show your ad based on hobbies, age group or location, you can connect with the people most likely to do business or like your brand. Audiences can be broad or precise, depending on the objective to be achieved.


Within your segment, within your area of expertise, we use every detail to make your campaign more assertive and, consequently, find the right person at the right time to view your ad.

Ad on Facebook Ads



For quick viewing and easier understanding of campaigns, we use reports that will show total reach, impressions, frequency, clicks, CTR, video views and CPM.



For a deeper diagnosis and using metrics from both your website and your Facebook page, we carry out a complete analysis. In this analysis we present the performance of each ad that is running.